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The Murder of al-Husayn (a.s)

Author: Sayyed Abd al-Razzaq al Mussawi al-Muqarram

Translated by: Rafic Mohammed

Publishers: The Arabic History Printing Press (Lebanon)

Description:  Written in the early nineteenth century, the author has done a thorough analysis of the stories regarding the events at Karbala. He omits fabrications and stories from unreliable narrators. The authors proves how many stories about Karbala are not trustworthy. They contradict common sense and are not in line with the teachings of the holy Masumeen (a). This book has been described as the best compilation of authentic events of Karbala.

Available: online (with a different translation from the above) at

The Story of Karbala

Author: Ali Nazari Munfarid

Translated by: Hussein Alamdar

Publishers: Ansariyan Publications

Description:  This book is a narration of the tragedy of Karbala with complete classification of authentic information. The book includes details on the events before and after the tragedy. The book has an introduction by the esteemed scholar Ayatullah Nasir Makarim Shirazi in which he praises the book and the author.

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Kerbala and Beyond

Author: Yassin

Publishers: Ansariyan Publications

Description:  This book provides the incident of Kerbala from its beginning till the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s). It details the events, social and political, that led to the martyrdom and its aftermath It also provides the incidents after that day; as the capturing of the women,their journey to Kufa and Syria, and the sufferings they endured along the way.

Available: Available from, and Also available online


Author: Ayatullah Muhammad Mahdi Asifi

Translated by: Umar Kumo

Publishers: Ahl-ul-Bayt (a.s.) World Assembly

Description: A book of insightful analysis of the concepts and values behind the tragedy of Karbala. Includes chapters on understanding Ashura as a day of separation that classified people into different groups, meditations of Imam Husayn’s speeches and letters, the political and social goals behind the uprising, and how the conflict requires human beings to take a firm stand. A book that makes the reader think beyond the historical details of the tragedy.

Available: Available from ABWA office in Qum, Iran or online at

From Medina to Karbala - In the words of Imam al Husayn

Author: Ayatollah Muhammad Sadiq Naomi

Publishers: Sun Behind the Clouds Publications of UK

Description:  A compilation of the words of Imam Husayn (a), beginning from the meeting in Medina where he was asked to give allegiance to Yazid, unto his last words on the Day of Ashura. The book includes his speeches, conversations and letters. Imam’s words are inspiring and purposeful. They explain his mission, convey the aims of his uprising, and reason with sound logic and strong faith.

The book is divided into three parts; Imam’s words while in Medina, in Mecca, and his words in Karbala. Each chapter includes the original Arabic text of Imam’s words, the English translation, and a commentary on the context and conclusive meaning derived from the words. The notes at the end of the chapter give references and details of personalities or events mentioned in Imam’s words.

An authentic and informative read for those who wish to know about Karbala from Imam Husayn (a) himself. An excellent addition to the library of reliable books on Karbala.

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