Letter to Schools

<Name of School>

Next month will see the start of the holy month of Ramadhan, a month of fasting and worship for Muslims all over the world. This is a special time for Muslim children, many of whom will fast from dawn to sunset for the duration of this month. It will also include special night prayers at mosques. The month will end with Eid – a festival to celebrate the obedience of God during the month.

We are available to come to your school to give a presentation on Ramadhan, and to answer any questions that the staff and students may have about it. We hope that such a session will help students gain a more informed perspective about this special time, and will help them understand their Muslim classmates better.

Each presentation will be about half an hour long and consists of some or all of the following:

  1. A brief introduction to Islam and the Muslim community.
  2. Some information about Ramadhan and Eid
  3. An art or craft activity for younger children
  4. Reading a story about Ramadhan/Eid
  5. A talk for older children on the importance of Ramadhan in the life of a muslim
  6. Worksheets/Activity sheets on Islam and Ramadhan
  7. Video clips showing Muslims around the world.

The presentation can be done for one class or a combination of classes. Activities would be adjusted according to the age of the children.

If your child’s school is interested in having a presentation at their school, please contact:
<Contact Info>