Day 6 – Sūrat al-Mutaffifin

Brief Info
Sūrat al-Mutaffifin, No. 83. Revealed in Makkah, 36 verses. Since the beginning verses of this sūra talk about those who defraud and cheat people, some Mufassirūn believe that it is possible that part of this Sūra was revealed in Madinah. However, most of the verses are in line with what was revealed in Makkah the sura has been classified as Makki.

Merits of reciting the Sūra
Imam al-Sadiq ‘alayhis-salaām: Whoever recites Sūrat al-Mutaffifīn in the obligatory prayers Allah will grant him safety of the Day of Judgement from the fire, it will not see him, and he will not see it.

Note: Some scholars indicate that this reward of safety of that Day will be for those who implement the messages of the sūra in their actions.

Synopsis of contents
1) A stern warning to those who cheat people when trading (verses 1-6)
2) The fate of those who reject God and do evil (verses 7-17)
3) The fate of the pious ones (verses 18-28)
4) The mocking of believers by the disbelievers and the reversal on the Day of Judgement.

Some Lessons from the Sūra
1) Lack of belief in the hereafter allows human beings to do evil without any fear of accountability.
2) Hearts that have become hardened due to sins are not receptive to the truth.
3) Believers compete for the blessings of the hereafter.
4) The rejecters of faith have always mocked those who believe. This act will be reversed in the hereafter.

Suggested verses for memorization in Arabic and English
1) 83:4-6 Do they not know that they will be resurrected, on a tremendous day, a day when mankind will stand before the Lord of all the worlds?
2) 83:14 – Nay! rather, what they used to do has become like rust upon their hearts.
3) 83:26 – So for this let the competitors compete.

Activities for self-study
1) Read about the ‘pure drink’ that will be served to believers in Heaven;
2) Go over verses 29-33. Outline the different ways in which the disbelievers mocked the believers. How does that happen presently?

Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirazi (Ed.) Tafsīr Namūne; M. H. Shakir, Holy Qur’an Translation; Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’an With a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation.

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