ALI 668: Comparing Islamic and Secular worldviews (for women only)

This course will look at the differences between the Islamic (God-centric) and the secular (God-less) view of human life. We will trace the history of the differences and see how the ideological domination of Western views has seeped into the Muslim mind. Topics will include the position of the human being in the universe, thought and knowledge, spread of secularism, and the modern lifestyle. Readings will have excerpts from the book A Young Muslim’s Guide to the Modern World by Seyyed Hossein Nasr.

Schedule: 3 Tuesday evenings – Oct 17-31, 8.30-9.30 PM

Instructors: Sr. Tahera Kassamli

Location: Jaffari Community Centre, 9000 Bathurst Street, Thornhill Ontario

Fees: $30.00


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