ALI 647: Quranic Arabic Level 5

In this ONLINE course of seven sessions via Zoom, we will InshāAllah go through passages from the Quranic surahs to learn the vocabulary and look at simple rules of Arabic grammar covered in Lessons 23 to 26 in Unit 1, Quick Revision of Unit 1, and Lessons 1 & 2 from Unit 2 from the main text Qur’anic Language Made Easy. During the class, we will often refer to The Qur’an: With a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation by Syed Ali Quli Qarai.

Instructor: Shaykh Hasanayn Kassamali

Fees: $50

Schedule Seven Tuesday evenings from 8:30 – 9:45 pm, from Nov 1 – Dec 13, 2022

Eligibility: All Muslims ages 16 and over and who can recite the Arabic text of the Quran. Students are expected to put an average of 2 – 3 hours per week to work on lessons and assignments. Those who missed joining Levels 1 to 4 of the course can still register for Level 4 as they can access to the slides and recordings for Levels 1 to 3 at Also, the instructor will answer questions about the previous lessons in the last few minutes of class sessions.


Course Slides

Course Recordings