ALI-607: Quranic Arabic Level 1

Quranic Arabic helps Muslims understand the language of the Quran. In this course (offered in three levels over three terms) we will learn simple Quranic vocabulary and grammar. Students will need to put in an average of three hours a week to work on the course. In this semester we will identify nouns and their different forms, a few verbs, and particles from Sūratul Fātiha and from the first 100 verse of Sūratul Baqarah.

Instructor: Sh. Hasanayn Kassamali

Schedule: 7 Wednesdays, Oct 20 – Dec 1, 8:30 – 10:00 pm with a salāt break

Fees$70.00/semester or $185.00 for three semesters.

Venue: AL.I. Center, Unit 210B, 2535 Major Mack Dr, Vaughan, ON L6A 1C7


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Session 1

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Session 6 ALI 607 Learning Arabic thru Quran_6

Session 7 ALI 607 Learning Arabic thru Quran_7

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