ALI-591: Quran Appreciation ages 10-12 years (for Europe and Africa)

Quran Appreciation classes offer child-friendly and interactive Quran learning for children. The present courses will cover the story of Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba in Sūrat Naml verses 29-35 and verses 41-45. Students will learn about her role as a ruler and her meeting with Prophet Sulaymān (a). Each session will be an hour long.

Instructor: Sr. Mariam Hassam
Dates:  6 Fridays; Mar 5,12,19,26 & May 21,28, 2021
Timing: UK 5pm; East Africa 8 pm in Mar, 7 pm in May; and UAE 9 pm in Mar and 8 pm in May (Difference is due to Daylight saving time)
Fees: CAD 30.00


Notes and Course Material

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