ALI-574: Active Preparation for the Imam of our Time as a Family (for women only)

We live in a world full of oppression, falsehood and deception.  As we wait for the coming of our Imam (ATFS) to establish peace and justice, what can we do in our family units to prepare for his arrival? What are some qualities of those actively waiting for our Imam (ATFS)?  This course will discuss practical steps towards preparing for the coming of our Imam (ATFS) as a family and identify hurdles that may prevent our readiness.

Instructor: Sr. Sabiha Jaffer

Dates: 2 Tuesdays, Nov 17 and Nov 24

Timings: 8-9 am Vancouver, 11 am-12 noon Toronto, 4-5 pm UK, 7-8 pm Africa