ALI-564: How to Study the Holy Quran, Part 2

Due to the excellent response to the online sessions of studying the Quran we have decided to continue for two more sessions.  These sessions will focus on Methodology of Tadabbur in the Quran and a probe into different forms of Tafāsīr, including Sectional (juz’i) and Thematic tafsir (mawdhu’i), and Simple and Detailed tafsir.

Instructor: Hasanayn Kassamali.
Dates: Two Fridays on August 7 & 14, 2020.
Timings: 9 – 10 am Vancouver, 12 – 1 pm NY/Toronto, 5 – 6 pm London, 7 – 8 pm Dares-Salam, 9 – 10 pm Karachi.

Note: Those who missed Part 1 of this course can access relevant material at

Session One

Slides – ALI 564 How to Study Quran_1

Recording –

Session Two

Slides – ALI 564 How to Study Quran_2

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