ALI-386: Barzakh – Tunnel to the world of wonders

After birth, death is the greatest event in every person’s life. Death is not destruction, but ripeness of the soul and its readiness to be initiated into the wonders of a new life. With death we enter a world of wonders. We will have dreamlike experiences which are far different from what we now know as existence. This layer of the world is known as ‘the barrier’ (barzakh). In this short course we will try to explore some aspects of this wondrous world.

  • Instructor: Sh. Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour
  • Schedule: 3 Saturdays, Jan 7 – 21; 10.00 am – 11.30 am NY time
  • Registration: Click here

Course Material


Session 1 PDF | Session 2 PDF | Session 3 PDF


Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3