ALI-356: The Sectarian Divide Amongst Muslims

With the current political climate in the Middle East Region, never before have the ideological and theological differences between Sunnis and Shias been so prominent. Do this have any bearings on the fundamentals that divided the Muslims into various sects? How do some of the renowned books of history narrate these differences? Are the current events more politically motivated than the theology that divides the two or are these events actually a repeat of history that divided the two sects in the first place? The two-session webinar will dwell into some of the historical accounts that divide the Sunni-Shia and its contemporary application. The objective is to provide a forum for understanding each-others perspectives as the two major sects in Islam have coexisted together for centuries much to the envy of non-Muslims.

  • Instructor: Sh. Safder Jaffer
  • Schedule: Two Wednesdays, May 4 – 11, 2016, from 8 – 9 pm Toronto/NY time

Course Materials

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