ALI-326: An Introduction to Ziyrat Jaami’ah Kabirah

Amongst the most important of rituals in the Shia tradition is the visitation of the shrines of the Prophet and his family, the Ahlul Bayt (a). This course attempts to demonstrate the meaning of ziyārat and focus one of the most important visitations, as narrated to the Shia community by Imam Ali Al-Hadi (a). The course will examine the chain of transmission of Ziyārat Al-Jāmī‘ah and focus on selected lines that help the student build a relationship with the Holy Imams (a). (Note this will be a summarized session of the course that was earlier scheduled in August 2015 but postponed). 

  • Instructor: Sh. Faiyaz Jaffer
  • Schedule: Wednesday, January 6, 2016; from 8:30 – 10pm NY/Toronto time.


Course Material

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