ALI-318: Quran Appreciation for children ages 7-9 years

Quran Appreciation Courses for Children Quran Appreciation courses teach children to relate to, and bond with Holy Quran. Each session includes reading and reflecting on a few verses from the selected Quranic Sūra for the year, introducing a relevant Hadith and discussing lessons from the verses and the Hadith. Children learn to relate to the Holy Quran and apply it to their lives.

The courses offer (For the Academic Year 2015-16, the children will learn from Surat Yusuf):

  • Child friendly Quran Learning
  • Understanding and connecting with selected verses of the Holy Quran
  • Linking a Hadith from the Ma‘sūmīn (a) to the passage of the Quran
  • Fun and engaging activities related to the verses

Class Details