ALI-264: Quran Appreciation, Suras Naml and Anbiya

Children will continue to read and discuss verses 15-44 of Sūratun Naml and verses 78-82 of Sūratul Anbiyā, on the story of Nabī Dawūd (a) and Nabī Sulaymān (a). They will work on a play showing four scenes from the stories of Nabī Sulaymān (a) in Sūratun Naml.

  • Dates: Fridays, April 4 – June 13 (with possible breaks in between)
  • Timings: 4.15 pm – 5.15 p.m.
  • Instructors: Sr Tahera Kassamali and Sr Sakina Kermali;
  • Fees: $50.00
  • Registration: email ‘alioutreach at gmail dot com’