ALI-093: Sanctity of Family Life

Various topics on the sanctity of family life will be covered. These include: Family unit and relations within a family are sanctified in Islam; obligations that Islam puts on the kith and kin; is materialistic life style responsible for decrease in the quality of family life; revisiting the institution of marriage; and possible reasons for increase in conflict and divorces in Muslim families.

  • Instructor: Sheikh Hasnayn Kassamali of Vancouver
  • Eligibility: The courses are open to all ladies and gents, Shī‘a Muslim youths ages 17 to 40.
  • Location: Al-Husseini Madressa, Woodside NY
  • Schedule: Two sessions on Monday February 21st and Tuesday February 22nd 2005, from 7:30 – 10:00 p.m. Light dinner will be served, there will be a $5 registration fee.
  • Donations: Mumineen are encouraged to donate generously toward the educational and tabligh activities of the Academy for Learning Islam. Please visit to read about the services of the Academy.
  • Details: Please contact and register with Arif Jacksi or Surfaraz Dinani in the gents and Riffat Bai Khalfan in the ladies.