ALI-082: The Blessed Night of Qadr in Irfan

The night of Qadr was when the Qur’an came down to Prophet Muhammad ( s). It is the night when the Ruh and angels descend, and it is peace up to the dawn. The Qur’an and Ma`sumin ( a) have encouraged us to benefit from this night for it is during this time that the decree of human beings is ordained. The Holy Prophet ( s) and the Imams (a ) have left many treasures of knowledge regarding it. Scholars of Irfan have been able to reveal many profound aspects of the blessed night of Qadr. This course has been designed to enable the students to have a richer understanding of the night of Qadr, its relevance for us, and how we can benefit from it in a more profound way. We’ll insha’ Allah try to answer the following questions:

  • What is the true nature of Qadr?
  • What do the notions of “night” and “day”, “light” and “darkness” symbolize in the Holy Qur’ân?
  • When is the Night of Qadr? Is it only an astronomical night during a calendar year?
  • What and who descend on that night?
  • How and with which status do they ascend back to God?
  • How is the descend and revelation of the Holy Qur’ân on that night different from its revelation in other times?
  • What is the nature of the Peace and how long does it last?
  • What is the dawn of that night?
  • Is everything predestined on that night such that it cannot be changed? Why is the Night of Qadr better than a thousand nights?

These are some of the questions which will be explored in this course. With the completion of this course, insha’ Allah, we will have a much better understanding of Laylatul Qadr ( a ) and its relation to the Holy Month of Ramadhan and be prepared for God’s blessings during these two occasions.


  • Instructor: Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Soleimanpanah
  • Eligibility: The course is open to all Muslims ages 16 and over.
  • Location: Az-Zahraa Islamic Center, Room 203, 8580 No. 5 Rd, Richmond.
  • Schedule: Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to10 minutes before Zuhr time. Prayers: After the classes, the participants would join for congregational (jam`ah) prayer in Masjid Az-Zahraa.
  • Dates: Five sessions from October 3 to 31, 2004 (both dates inclusive)
  • Fees: A nominal fee of $50.00 is payable on the first day of the course.
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