ALI-052: Understanding the Merits & Essence of the Month of Ramadan

The Academy is pleased to announce a preparatory course for the Holy Month of Ramadhan. The aim of this course is to inform and prepare the mumineen to take the most benefit from the Holy Month. Topics covered in the course include:

  • The Esoteric Essence of the Holy Month of Ramadhan
  • Etiquette and Deeds of the Holy Month of Ramadhan
  • Etiquette of reciting the Holy Qur’an and Supplications during the Holy Month
  • Night of Power (Lailatul-Qadr) and its Merits
  • Preparation for the Night of Power (Lailatul-Qadr).
  • Farewell of the Holy Month of Ramadhan


  • Reading: Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk -i Arifan) by Haj Mirza Javad Agha Maliki Tabrizi (r.a.) Available at
  • Instructor: Shaykh Ismail abu Murtadha
  • Dates: 4 weekly sessions Friday 6th of Sha’ban to 3rd of Oct.
  • Timings: Starting with Maghribayn Salat and 2 hrs thereafter
  • Venue:Academy for Learning Islam, #203, 6191 Westminster Hwy Phone: (604) 214-0786
  • Eligibility: All Shi’ ah Muslims between the ages of 13 and 25.
  • Recommended Donation: $25 per person