ALI-049: Towards Acquiring Ma’rifat of Allah (swt)

The science of acquiring the ma’rifat of Allah (or to ‘know’ Him) has been aptly described as the ultimate Islamic science. T he purpose of all other forms of knowledge is to ultimately lead us to ‘know’ Allah.

But what does it mean to know Allah (i.e. to become an arif (pl. urafa)) and why bother studying irfan? What implications wou ld such knowledge have on one’s life and destiny? Is Irfan a spiritual and other-worldly pursuit only or can we apply it in this world to find meaning to life, an understanding of what Allah wants from us, and a release from pain and suffering?

In six sessions, this course starts with an introduction to irfan and the history of its most prominent figures (with interes ting anecdotes!) and thereafter introduces steps to understanding and practising the science itself. The conclusion includes lot s of further references to allow students to continue studying irfan on their own.

  • Instructor: Br. Khalil Jaffer from Brampton, ON
  • Dates: August 16 & 17, 2003
  • Timings: Three sessions each on Saturday & Sunday mornings from 9:30 a.m. to 12:10 noon
  • Venue: Academy for Learning Islam office, #203, 6191 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC (corner of Westminster Hwy & No. 2)
  • Eligibility: All Muslims ages 16 and over
  • Recommended Donation : $30.00 per person*

* Those girls who have registered for the Summer Islamic Program (SIP) from August 11 to 22, 2003 do not need to donate for this course; this course is one of the four courses that will be offered to them in the SIP.