ALI-044: Course on Islamic Geography

  • Instructor: Tahera Kassamali

The course was held at the office of ALI from July 07 to July 17 2003, for children ages 9-13. A total of 15 children participated. Classes were held from Monday to Thursday, from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Students learned about four Islamic countries. Each country was discussed for two sessions. The first session introduced children to the natural geography o f the country, important sites and holy places, the people and culture etc. The second session discussed the politics of the country.

The students worked on many activities including:

  • drawing and labeling maps
  • making flags and timelines
  • learning simple phrases in Farsi and Iraqi Arabic
  • a book on the revolution in Iran
  • a brochure for travel to Iraq’s holy sites
  • a short play on life in Iraq
  • making Afghani costumes

On the last day students prepared exhibits on the countries they had learned about. They prepare d for their exhibits in groups, and worked hard to make their displays interesting and attractive. Food and special tea was brought in to add to the appeal of the displays.

All in all, a lot of fun learning!!

Report submitted by the teacher, Sr. Tahera Kassamali