ALI-042: Principles of Islam: Justice of God

One of the principles of Shî`î worldview and Islamic belief is the idea of justice both as an attribute of Allah (swt) and as a guiding principle of individual and social practices. This question has been debated by religious scholars, theologians, philosophers as well as believers and non-believers.

To have a general grasp of the nature of the idea of justice, the course has been designed for a wide range of students. We will study Qur’ânic âyât andHadîths of the Ma`sûmîn (a) on the topic. We’ll also consider some philosophical and theological arguments.

At the completion of the course, we should Inshaa’ Allah be able to have a better understanding of ethical implications of our belief in justice for our everyday life and the events of the Barzakh and Qiyamah.

The topics to be discussed include:

  • Justice as and attribute of God’s Deed,
  • The question of good and evil,
  • God’s justice and human justice,
  • God’s justice in light of His hikmah (wisdom), and equality,
  • Discrimination and justice

Course Details

  • Instructor: Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Soleimanpanah
  • Dates and Duration: Four sessions, from June 8 – 29, 2003 (both dates included)
  • Timings: Sunday afternoons, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. (preceded by Zuhrayn prayers)
  • Venue: Academy for Learning Islam office, #203, 6191 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC (corner of Westminster Hwy & No. 2)
  • Eligibility: Muslims ages 20 and over
  • Recommended Donation: $40.00 per person