Testimonials (Quranic Reflections)

Testimonials on Quranic Reflections
Bismillāh. In the month of June 2022 for three consecutive Fridays we asked the subscribers to give
their feedback and suggestions on the weekly Quranic Reflections which Alhamdu lillāh we
have been sending out for the last 12 years. Here are some of the responses. Please pray for the team
that it is able to implement some of the valuable suggestions included here.
MāshāAllāh it‘s great., Jazakallāh Khayra
I absolutely love the Qur’an Reflections …
Great work immensely benefits from these
It is informative short and easy to read, and the topics are relevant
Jazakallāh for all the work being put into compiling the weekly Quran Reflections.
They give me so much to ponder upon and it is a great resource!
Alhamdulillah, it is already very interesting and relevant. May Allah give you Tawfīq to
continue this noble cause.
Thank you and may Allah reward you for your effort!
I like the new format of the verses. Sometimes they can be a bit long and difficult to
read on a phone. I like that it seems so relevant to whatever I am doing the day I read
it! Subhānallāh!
Please keep up the excellent work of enlightening us. Jazakallāh.
Keep up the great job! Thanks.
Keep up the good work! Maybe a refresh on the formatting, but I really like the
I like the weekly emails and keep them as reminders and use them when I m searching
for something. It helps me
I love the Qur’anic reflection and use it to annotate my Qur’an.
Please continue to update reflections. I read one each night, even the old ones. I am
benefitting understanding the Quran and I discussing with my children if the topic
appropriate. I also love the connection of the ayah to Hadith of the imams, it really
makes the ayah come to life, Jazakallāh for all your efforts in this.
Salaam Alaykum, these reflections are really well written and provide amazing value.
Truth is I only open to read these dispatches when I have time undisturbed and
dedicated to read them. So sometimes they pile up, but I always make sure I never
leave an issue unread. Keep up the great work you have been doing all these years and
may Allah swt reward you and bless your efforts.
I appreciate how you give a title to the Quran Reflections. I appreciate that you have
the verse in Arabic and English in the reflections.
Thank you for your efforts in researching, writing, and sharing your Quran reflections
with us. May A-h (s) reward you for it.
Your team is doing a terrific job alhamdulillah…keep up the good work:)

Alhamdu lillāh May almighty Allah reward you for your services.
Thank you for the excellent efforts. May Allah reward you amply.
This is a fantastic service to the Muslim Ummah – may Allah accept all your efforts
and grant you all more Tawfīq and Bless you in Dunya wal Aakhirah
I like it the way it is
I have found them very interesting
I enjoy reading and understanding it!
No [suggestion] it’s already better
Jazākumullāh khayra jazaa for sharing the Quranic reflection with us.
I think they are amazing, and I look forward to reading them every week. Whoever is
writing this approaches each topic with such intellect and balance.
First, I’d like to say big Jazākumullāh kairan kezir to you.
Allah has recently guided me towards your website, and I feel so blessed. May Allah
bless all the people behind this website doing such handwork immensely. The writer
so has accurately related every verse with everyday life, helping one to understand the
nature of life people and hereafter and making oneself become better, Alhamdulillah I
am looking forward to learning from it a lot and waiting for more Quran reflection to
be updated. Allahumma Barik “
Send it out on the Weekend or Monday – we will be able to share with rest of
community on local newsletter on Monday.
Is there any way to make them easier to share on social media and in Group Chats?
Also, I really appreciate that you include references. I feel it would be worthwhile to
add an “Explore in More Detail” section linked to more detailed tafāsīr of the verse of
the day if they’re readily available (e.g., to the Enlightening Commentary or Al Mīzān
tafsir webpages for those specific verses).
Add a picture. Relate more to daily life
Maybe add a relevant picture or two within the text to enhance the reading
experience: right now, it’s just a lot of text. Perhaps using bolded sub-headers could
also break up the text and make it easier to see the main points (one sub-header for
every 1-2 paragraphs maybe)? These might make it a little easier to read, especially
when in a hurry (like I often seem to be when going through emails).
Relate to significant Islamic events Hijri calendar events
Please go through topic wise e.g., Tawheed.
Please add the Arabic verses and hadith when mentioning them in the body of the
email. Only the subject verse has Arabic, it would be great to have all the other verses
and hadith presented in Arabic as well when they are mentioned as part of the
explanations, even if they are footnotes.
FYI, for question 3 in this survey, if you changed it from multiple choice to
checkboxes, you could submit more than one answer.

Make it more visual. Using diagrams or mind maps
I think if it is on YouTube it will help. Thanks.
In addition to English transliteration of Arabic works, please add Arabic text in
brackets also for better reading/understanding of people who can read Arabic also.
Given the tumultuous state of the world and the problems that many Muslim
communities and families are enduring, I suggest that once a month Quran
Reflections highlights a passage that will specifically provide comfort and sukūn to
your subscribers. The accompanying analysis of the passage could focus on providing
the much-needed reassurance that patience or sabr in the face of adversity, coupled
with the fact that Allah swt will never abandon us and so we should never lose hope.
No matter how dire our situation is. Hope this suggestion is helpful.
Sometimes the readers thoughts like this week on actions — we don’t give a thought to
our actions good or bad whether we have God in mind when an action is performed
doesn’t, HE only gives us the thought to perform a good action? Bad action is OUR
If these are also posted in languages like Hindi and Urdu, will benefit those who are
unable to understand English.
If you could add a way for readers to interact with the content at the end of every
reflection that would help in applying our learnings. For example – ask a reflection
question, suggest an action that we can do to put the lesson into practice, provide a
talking point to discuss with family/friends. This is something that you do in some of
your reflections, but not all of them. Reflection 581 had a simple action item that I
will try to do – “When we seek to perform any action, let us recite these words of
Prophet Ibrāhīm. It will instil a humility within us, knowing that whatever we do is
only of value if it is accepted by Allah.”
relate/give more practical relevant examples of daily life and the how to apply.
Shorter more the point with categorized sections. Context of when verse was
revealed. What it means. What it might mean for us living 1400+ years later.
Reflection question to think about that would cause readers to take a good look at
Add more and add a quiz.
It would be lovely to add a sound file to encourage readers to memorise the verses.
I’m particularly interested in the āyāt we recite in Qunūt. – nice to know in depth what
we are seeking from Allah.
Examples of current affairs, careers, etc. Overall, a much practical application will be
very interesting. Thanks
Reading translated Qurans
Maybe have a daily reflection based on the same ayah or subject
A short Quiz or interaction
Not really. Perhaps a little information on the root word meaning of key Arabic words
in the āyāt

The context would help
I would say pairing each week’s release with world events would be very effective and
relevant to the time.
It would help us more if the reflections are a bit more detailed. Sometimes we give
them to students to prepare a presentation based on these reflections so a bit more
material or cross reference verses would be useful.
None at this point. Give out the books as gifts often
I wish if you could make the reflections a bit more detailed by adding a few relevant
ahādīth and real-life stories of today
I implore you that you should launched a new app or create folder on the website
whereby we can check out the tafsir of the glorious Qur’an.
Admin/December 2022 – Jumādā 1444