Day 20 – Sūrat Yusuf, part 1 (verses 1 – 22)

Month of Ramadan 1441 – Day 20

Sūrat Yusuf, part 1 (verses 1 – 22)

Sūra Information
Sūrat Yūsuf, No.12, Revealed in Makkah, 111 verses.
The story of Nabī Yūsuf (a) is the only story in the Quran which is narrated entirely in one sūra. The whole sūra is about the story except its last few verses. The sūra conveys God’s care for His sincere servants by giving them strength and success in very difficult conditions.

Sūra Significance
Whoever recites Sūrat Yūsuf every day, or every night, Allah will raise him on the Day of Judgement with the beauty of Yūsuf, and he will not experience any unpleasantness on that day, and he will be from the virtuous servants of Allah. Imam al-Sādiq (a)
Scholars emphasize that such rewards are for those who ponder over the contents of the Sūra and make efforts to follow its teachings in their lives.

Synopsis of Contents
Almost the entire Sūra talks about stories from the life of Prophet Yusuf (a). Prophet Yusuf is mentioned 27 times in the Quran, 25 of which occur in this Sūra. The other two are Q 6:84 and Q 40:34.
The Sūra consists of 12 different sections, 11 of which are on the life of Prophet Yūsuf (a), his brothers and their father Nabī Ya‘qūb (a) in a flowing and fascinating story line.

Important Messages
1) The Quran is the best of narratives. (verse 3)
2) In the story of Prophet Yusuf (a) and his brothers, there are signs for a people who sincerely seek guidance. (verse 7)
3) Allah (swt) is with those who are wronged and inspires them. (verse 15)
4) Human soul makes serious matters seem light and decorous. (verse 18)
5) Those who do good are rewarded in the world. (verse 22)

Select verses from the Sūra to know (learn, reflect, memorize)
1) Q 12:5 Shaytān is indeed man’s manifest enemy.
2) Q 12:18 Patience is graceful, and Allah is my resort against what you allege
3) Q 12:21 Allah has full command of His affairs, but most people do not know.

Activities for self-study
1) Verses 4-6 narrate the conversation between Prophet Yūsuf and his father. What points can you derive about their relationship? How does Prophet Ya‘qūb inspire his son?
2) There are many lessons in the narration of the brothers of Prophet Yūsuf (a) and their conversations within themselves and with their father. Read verses 7-18 and answer the following;
a) How do the brothers justify their attitude towards their own brother?
b) What is the hypocrisy evident in verse 9?
c) What does verse 10 tell you about the brother who speaks up?
d) How do the brothers speak to their father in verses 11-14 and 16-17?
e) Verses 21-22 describe a complete turn-over of events for Prophet Yusuf (a). Name the different blessings he receives.

Sources: Āyatullāh Nāsir Makārim Shirazi (Ed.), Tafsir-e Namuneh;, M. H. Shakir, Holy Qur’an Translation; Ali Quli Qarai, The Qur’an With a Phrase-by-Phrase English.

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