Day 2 – Sūrat al-Ghāfir – Part 2 (Ayat 46-85)

Bismillāh and Salamun alaykum.

Familiarization with Quranic Sūras

Month of Ramadan 1441 – Day 2

Sūrat al-Ghāfir – Part 2 (verses 46-85)

Sūra Information
The sūra takes its name from verse 3 which refers to Allah (swt) as the Forgiver of sins. Some believe that though the sūra is Makkan, verses 56 & 57 or verses 55-57 were revealed in Madinah.

Sūra Significance
According to the Holy Prophet (s), whoever recites this Sūra, the souls of the Prophets, the righteous ones (Siddiqūn), and the believers, pray for him and seek forgiveness for him. (From Tafsīr Majma’ al-Bayān)

Important Messages
1) Pride is one of the reasons why people reject the signs of Allah. (verse 56)
2) The good doer and the evil doer are not alike, just as the blind and the seeing are not alike. (verse 58)
3) Most people are not grateful despite the many favours of Allah (swt). (verse 61)
4) Travel helps you observe the fate of those who were before you. (verse 82)

Select verses from the Sūra to know (learn, reflect, memorize)
1) Q 40:55 – Therefore be patient; surely the promise of Allah is true.
2) Q 40:60 – And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you
3) Q 40:81 – And He shows you His signs: which then of Allah’s signs will you deny?

Activities for self-study
1) Compare verses 55 and 77. What similarities/differences do you notice?
2) What different conversations take place in this section of the Sūra? See verses 47-48 and 49-50.
3) List the signs of Allah mentioned in verses 64 and 67.

Sources Shaykh Tabarsī, Tafsīr Majma’ al-Bayān; Seyyed Hossein Nasr (Ed.), The Study Quran.